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Experienced Freight Forwarding Company from Warsaw. V4L is a team of freight forwarders with international experience. Take advantage of our support.

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    Alicja Węglewska +48 607 900 577

    Ewelina Rutkowska +48 607 900 576

    Venture for Logistics

    V4L is a group of experienced freight forwarders who meticulously manage
    the entire cargo transportation process throughout Poland and all of Europe.

    Freight Forwarding

    Freight forwarding company Warsaw

    V4L, an experienced freight forwarding company in Warsaw, offers the support of a highly qualified team of freight forwarders with international experience, providing customers with reliability and efficiency in meeting their logistics needs. Transportation of general, standard and oversized cargo Warsaw.

    We offer a comprehensive catalog of forwarding activities:

    • Activities preceding goods receipt, including freight consulting, legal-formal analysis, preparation of specialized equipment or permits.
    • Freight forwarding and transportation activities, as well as goods receipt.
    • Logistics, including warehousing or cross-docking.
    • Cargo delivery.
    • Preparation of reports.

    We collaborate with carriers who have a modern fleet at their disposal. We offer assignments for carriers equipped with, among other things, refrigerated trucks, tankers, curtain-siders, standard trailers, and vans. Thanks to our long-term cooperation and experience, we are able to quickly and efficiently carry out the transportation of a variety of cargoes. For years, many companies from the largest cities in Poland have been using our services, including, of course, Warsaw. Freight forwarding is a highly developed part of transportation. Warsaw, being the central point of Poland, is home to many companies that require professional organization and transport services.

    V4L – transparent terms of cooperation

    We offer you service of the highest level, as well as flexibility and comprehensiveness in our services. Our experienced freight forwarders and logistics specialists will organize a carrier, plan their route, and prepare an offer tailored to the needs of each enterprise. It’s important to consider that different countries have varying laws and regulations regarding the transport of certain cargoes. Our company holds quality certifications and has undergone training in document management. Therefore, entrusting the logistics of transportation or the organization of the entire supply chain to V4L, the freight forwarding company, is a decision you surely won’t regret. We are also confident that professional transportation services will positively impact the profitability of manufacturers and other enterprises that require transportation or warehousing of their goods.

    Optimal solutions at an attractive price

    At every stage of our work, we optimize solutions that ultimately ensure an attractive price for the entire order’s execution. This is why our company is valued by entrepreneurs from various industries. Starting with the food industry, where transport time and proper temperature are crucial. Through the transportation of electronics and household appliances, where securing the goods is essential. And finally, to document transport, which must be relocated in compliance with applicable regulations and ensuring appropriate conditions during transport.

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