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V4L is a company specializing in the transport of dangerous goods according to ADR regulations. We offer comprehensive services in the field of dangerous goods transport.

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    To meet even the most challenging requirements set by our Clients, we undertake tasks related to ADR transport.

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    V4L specializes in the transport of dangerous goods under ADR regulations. We provide comprehensive services in dangerous goods transport, including:

    • Advisory on the transport of dangerous goods
    • Preparation of ADR documentation
    • Packing and securing dangerous goods
    • Transport of dangerous goods
    • Unloading of dangerous goods

    The transport of ADR dangerous materials is subject to a number of formal and legal regulations. This is due to the fact that their transport can have serious consequences in the event of an accident. Maintaining the highest safety standards is our top priority, hence our team is composed of the best specialists in the logistics and transport industry, who continually improve their qualifications. The ADR agreement is a legal document regulating the issue of transporting dangerous goods.

    The agreement specifies, among other things, how vehicles carrying dangerous cargo should be marked and what the shipment marking should look like.

    The agreement is also amended every odd year, which necessitates continuous training for freight forwarders and logisticians. The transport of dangerous materials also sets requirements for drivers, who must have appropriate certificates obtained during specialized courses to carry out such transports. By choosing to transport ADR class dangerous goods in cooperation with our company, you gain the guarantee of professional order fulfillment and safety from the formal and legal side.

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