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Transporting cargo in refrigerated conditions is one of the more complex services in the logistics industry. We provide transport at any temperature.

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    V4L stands for experience and professionalism. Timely completion of orders and adherence to all guidelines, under which the cargo must be transported, are important to us.

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    Transporting cargo in refrigerated conditions is one of the more complex services in the logistics industry. Depending on the type of goods and their characteristic features, not only the selection of the appropriate means of transport becomes crucial in this task but also determining the right route for the transport. The duration of such a journey and its additional protection may also be significant.

    The most commonly transported goods in refrigerated transport include:

    • food products sensitive to changes in external conditions,
    • vegetables and fruits,
    • frozen foods,
    • flowers,
    • medical items (including medicines),
    • category 3 goods,
    • waste.

    The basis for ensuring safe and timely refrigerated transport is a modern fleet equipped with trailers adapted for transporting goods at reduced temperatures. Thanks to modern technology, our company is able to offer you transport with constant temperature control inside the trailer. If you are planning to transport goods requiring a specific temperature at every stage of transport, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service Office. V4L specialists will prepare an individual refrigerated transport offer for you based on the criteria presented.

    At the special request of the Client, we also offer refrigerated transport with a so-called partition wall, thanks to which two types of cargo can be transported at two different temperatures during one transport. Depending on the individual needs of the Client, we are able to offer you trailer transport with a movable wall, which allows for the adjustment of the surface of both compartments.

    Refrigerated Transport

    The logistics of refrigerated transport is one of the most complicated services in the TSL (Transport, Shipping, Logistics) industry. It encompasses all products that require appropriate storage temperatures. Therefore, refrigerated transport must be meticulously planned to avoid exposing the cargo to external factors.

    In refrigerated transport, the fleet and equipment used for measurements are crucial. Hence, our carriers use the latest technologies that allow for the delivery of refrigerated cargoes in perfect condition.

    Pharmaceutical Transport

    Drugs, supplements, and other pharmaceuticals transported at inappropriate temperatures can lose their properties and may become harmful as a result of chemical reactions. It is therefore essential that these types of products are transported under special conditions.

    Frozen Food Transport

    Frozen products must be kept at temperatures below zero. Failing to maintain the appropriate temperature can result in the spoilage of goods. It is worth choosing a company with extensive experience in the TSL industry that can professionally plan every stage of refrigerated transport.

    Transport of Fruits and Vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables are products that require not only the right temperature but also safe transport to ensure that the products arrive at their destination in their original state. Fruits that require special protection, such as apples, plums, bananas, must be properly arranged to prevent them from knocking against each other.

    Flower Transport

    Flowers are very delicate plants that require special care. They cannot be exposed to sunlight and must be constantly moistened with water. It is important to ensure that the plants do not wilt and are well packaged in boxes or crates.

    Waste Transport

    Transporting waste requires special caution due to the harmfulness of the materials transported and the odor, which should be neutralized. Therefore, we collaborate with professional carriers who have extensive experience in transporting cargoes requiring specialized equipment.

    Refrigerated Transport in Poland

    V4L stands for experience and professionalism. Timeliness and adherence to all guidelines required for transporting cargo are important to us. First, we create a list of requirements with the client for the product in question. Then, the logistician selects the most optimal solution and assigns the transport to the carrier. They also fill out the consignment note and dispatch the cargo. The carrier picks up the agreed cargo and delivers it to the destination. The fleets we work with have modern and efficient equipment that ensures perfect conditions for the transported cargoes.

    Refrigerated Transport in Europe

    We have completed over 30,000 orders. We know how products requiring constant temperature should be transported and are eager to help companies that cannot handle the supply chain in their enterprise. Special attention must be paid to the legislative requirements of EU countries in refrigerated transport. It is important to handle all formalities several days before the planned transport. Correctly filled out documents are also crucial. Mistakes in documents can risk the cargo being detained. Therefore, it is worth using the help of our specialists, who will show you the carrier’s route step by step and explain how our systems work.

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