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Professional Transport Organization in Szczecin. We serve companies in the European market, offering the best solutions in the TSL industry. Benefit from our expertise.

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    Alicja Węglewska +48 607 900 577

    Ewelina Rutkowska +48 607 900 576

    Venture for Logistics

    Professional transport services provided for companies in Szczecin, with the capability to transport cargo to any location in Europe.

    Freight Forwarding

    Transport, Freight Forwarding, Logistics

    We specialize in carrying out transport activities, regardless of the nature of the goods being transported or the destination chosen by the client. Our services include both domestic and international transport – we have extensive and long-standing experience in providing transport services, enabling us to efficiently plan and optimize shipments in line with client requirements and the characteristics of the goods being moved. We tailor our actions to each specific assignment, ensuring the safety of transport, punctuality of deliveries, and reliability of our operations.

    Transport services are not limited to simply moving cargo to a designated place – there is a range of activities that a professional freight forwarder must manage before setting off. Proper placement of goods, effective securing, and adapting the mode of transport to the cargo’s nature are the most critical requirements our freight forwarders fulfill at the highest level. We take care of the products entrusted to us, always delivering them undamaged to the location specified by the client and within their desired timeframe. When carrying out international transport, we are obliged to continuously update our knowledge of legal regulations and transport rules applicable in the country of destination. We constantly improve the competence of our staff, who have access to current transport law requirements in various countries.

    Our services also include refrigerated and specialized transport – we know how to select the right mode of transport and plan the route so that even the most demanding cargoes arrive safely and on time. Transporting frozen goods requires special attention to maintaining optimal temperature in refrigerated vehicles – we have access to modern vehicles equipped with innovative temperature monitoring and control systems to optimize it for the needs of the transported goods.

    A professional freight forwarder does not shy away from challenges, which is why we are eager to undertake difficult and complicated transports – one of our specializations is the transport of oversized, bulky goods and the transportation of hazardous materials.

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    ALICJA WĘGLEWSKA - Freight Forwarder +48 607 900 577

    EWELINA RUTKOWSKA - Freight Forwarder +48 607 900 576

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