Refrigerated transport Poznań

Are you looking for a company that will professionally organize refrigerated transport? We invite you to take a look at our offer. We will take care of all the formalities, send you a bill of lading and order the transport to a reliable carrier.

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    Alicja Węglewska +48 607 900 577

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    Venture for Logistics

    Refrigerated transport is a transport that requires a professional approach and the involvement of a logistician and freight forwarder.

    Freight Forwarding

    Refrigerated transport Poznań

    It is necessary to plan every meter of the route, so that the cargo is not endangered. What characterizes our company are three basic pillars that make our customer service is always at a high level.

    Refrigerated transport Poznań

    V4L is a company that will seamlessly organize the transportation of specialized cargoes. Our customers know that their satisfaction is the most important thing for us. That is why we offer you assistance in choosing the most optimal solution.

    Equipment of the highest quality

    We cooperate with almost 4 thousand carriers. Our associates carry out your orders on the highest quality equipment. When transporting food, it is especially important that the place is sterile and safe for the products in question.

    What products should we transport in refrigerated trucks?

    • Medicines and medical supplies
    • Category III goods
    • Waste
    • Dairy products, frozen foods and meat

    Transport Refrigerated warehouses Poznan

    If you are looking for a company that not only takes care of the organization of transport comprehensively, but also provides a guarantee of timely and secure cargo – then V4L is a leader in the TSL industry. Poznan is one of the main cities on our routes. That’s why we especially recommend our services to companies in this area.

    Refrigerators Poznań

    Most carriers are equipped with a chiller to maintain a constant temperature in the vehicle. Some are connected directly to the engine, while others are connected to an auxiliary power supply. All carriers also have a backup chiller, which allows you to maintain a continuous maintained temperature in case of any problems with cooling in the vehicle.

    We offer you a professional transportation service without unnecessary paperwork or questions. First, we will expressly evaluate your order. Then we will determine all the details and prepare the final quote. After your acceptance of the order, we start the whole procedure of its implementation. We always care about the organization and execution of the order, so that it is always of the highest quality.

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