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We provide services for implementing comprehensive logistics strategies in enterprises, freight forwarding, and transportation.

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    Venture for Logistics

    Professional transportation services for businesses in Poznań, with the ability to transport cargo to any location in Europe.

    Freight Forwarding

    Professional Logistics Solutions

    We offer comprehensive and specialized transport services throughout the country and Europe.

    Organizing transportation can prove to be a problematic process, especially if it involves cargo requiring special protection or if it needs to be transported over long distances. Need help organizing a shipment from Poznań? You’ve come to the right place! Our company has been providing comprehensive transportation services for various types of cargo for 15 years. Many firms from Poland and across Europe have trusted us. We always approach each client individually, striving to ensure all orders are maximally optimized. This is why our clients often return to us. We are here for the special tasks that seem impossible for others!

    Your satisfaction is our top priority! We will handle your cargo’s transportation from A to Z. Starting from selecting the most optimal offer, through monitoring and precise control of the entire process, to delivering the cargo to its destination and ensuring your satisfaction. No more worries. With us, you can always find out the status of your shipment and where the carrier is with your cargo at any moment. We will also take care of all formalities for you. Whether you need cargo transport from Poznań or its surroundings to any place in the world, let us handle it. We continuously monitor all regulations and train our entire team to guarantee our clients the highest level of service. Our company cooperates with 3700 carriers from across Europe, having managed and serviced over 30,000 unique orders.

    Food producers often face a huge problem with transporting their goods in a way that preserves their freshness for as long as possible. Freight forwarding plays a crucial role here; everything depends on how well everything is prepared before the journey. In reality, you can’t handle all this by yourself. Trust the reliable and cohesive team that V4L forms with its collaborators.

    Poznań is the fifth-largest city in Poland in terms of population. Its location means that the transport infrastructure is highly developed here. Poznań is a perfect strategic point in Europe, with five national roads (including one motorway) and four voivodeship roads intersecting here. The proximity to the German border and similar distances to many European countries offer immense possibilities for your business. Let professionals handle the transport organization while you focus on expanding your business in other areas.

    V4L offers its unique clients from Poznań:

    Freight Forwarding Poznań

    Our experienced employees understand that good transport organization is key to customer satisfaction and contentment. We help navigate this process, handle all formalities for you, and select the best mode of transport. Thanks to continuous training, we are up to date with all applicable regulations and can also advise on how to optimize the entire process. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free estimate of your order. We cooperate with many companies in Poznań and the Greater Poland Voivodeship.

    Transport Poznań

    V4L is the company for special tasks! We handle problematic and difficult-to-transport cargoes nationwide from all of Poznań and the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Transporting food products, fertilizers, or animal waste can pose a significant challenge for an inexperienced entrepreneur. It’s important to remember not just the formalities but also the temperature at which the cargoes will be transported. The entire process needs to be as quick as possible. Trust the specialists and write to us for a free estimate.

    International Transport from Poznań

    Our company collaborates with over 3700 carriers across Europe. Each European country has its regulations regarding goods transport. To ensure our clients receive the highest level of service, we continuously train our employees. This allows them to fill out all documents, in any language, without any difficulties. Our clients can always check the status of their cargo. V4L operates a streamlined freight and logistics system that allows for planning all contingencies in advance.

    Refrigerated Transport Poznań

    At V4L, we strive to monitor our collaborating carriers closely. We conduct periodic inspections of all delivery vehicles and trucks to ensure our clients receive professional and perfectly tailored conditions for their transported goods. In refrigerated transport, efficiency and speed of execution are paramount. With 15 years of market experience, we know exactly how to plan refrigerated transport from Poznań. Don’t worry if another company has rejected your unique order; write to us, and we will quickly estimate your transport for free.

    Specialized and ADR Transport Poznań

    We handle specialized ADR transport. All prohibited substances have separate legal regulations. Our company works with specialized transport firms that have all necessary permits and inspections. Prohibited substances can be harmful to the environment, so professional planning of the entire transport is very important. V4L will comprehensively manage your transport order from Poznań, helping you choose the most advantageous solution.

    Logistics Poznań

    Planning, execution and control of the flow of goods-all of these things must be planned perfectly in order not to afford any mistakes. Good logistics is the basis of a properly executed order. Our employees are specialists and professionals who approach each customer differently. No order is identical. That is why we treat all customers individually, based on our years of experience, we create an offer tailored specifically for you. Do not hesitate, trust the professionals and write to us – and we will do the valuation of the order for you completely free of charge!

    Are you interested in our offer? Do you have any questions? Write to us, we will expressly quote your order.

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