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    The transport of goods is one of the fastest-growing branches of the economic system, directly influencing the regulation of the commodity and service economy of each country.

    Our country’s entry into the European Union, and thus the abolition of borders, has significantly accelerated its development. Poland is now a buffer between Eastern and Western Europe, within which trade routes are formed, frequented every day by tens of thousands of entities. Infrastructure investments in the construction of expressways and highways make transport within our country no longer as complicated a process as it was years ago.

    Szczecin is one of the westernmost cities in Poland, located only 15 km from the border with Germany. Many companies in the region use the city’s strategic position to establish cooperation with foreign contractors and develop their business. It’s important to remember that transport within Germany and Western European countries requires very good organization and experience from the freight forwarding company, as any irregularities on a formal-legal basis can result in severe penalties for entrepreneurs, as well as a ban on transporting goods outside Poland.

    Whether your company plans a one-time cargo transport or is looking for long-term cooperation with a carrier, it is worth choosing an experienced entity, operating with a broad knowledge and experience.

    Having been in business for over 15 years, we have not only extensive knowledge about the functioning of the transport industry in Poland and worldwide but also pay attention to constantly changing standards. For this reason, we invest in raising the qualifications of our employees, directing them to various training courses and workshops. We also know how important communication plays in transport, so we ensure its best possible flow both between the client and the transport company and the freight forwarder and the carrier. We continuously monitor the order process and react instantly to even the smallest irregularities.

    Thanks to this, our clients can quickly obtain verified and reliable information.

    If you are looking for a trusted transport company from Szczecin that can efficiently and safely organize the transport of goods domestically and abroad, we want to meet your needs. We encourage you to fill out the contact form available in the “Contact” tab, or to directly contact our office by phone.

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