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    Venture for Logistics

    With 15 years in the industry, we offer our clients innovative and efficient logistics, freight forwarding, and transportation services. Our team consists of experienced logistics and freight forwarding professionals who take a unique approach to customer service and can optimize the transportation process to its fullest. We specialize in logistics in and around Poznań, as well as throughout Poland and Europe.

    Freight Forwarding

    Logistics company Poznań

    Professional logistics services in Poznan and Europe

    Are you in search of a professional logistics company in Poznań? V4L is a logistics firm that expertly manages supply chains, enabling the maximization of cost-efficiency and the smooth transportation of cargo from Poznań and its surrounding areas. We provide our clients with special care that encompasses not just planning, but also monitoring and efficient order fulfillment. The logistics experts at V4L approach their work with creativity and innovation. For them, each assignment is a new challenge, and its successful completion is a guarantee of satisfaction. There is no greater pleasure for us than the satisfaction of our clients and the fact that they return to us with new challenges.

    How does logistics work at V4L Poznań?

    When you send us your inquiry, we activate our internal system to select the right logistics specialist who is experienced in the type of transport you require. We handle domestic and international transports, including dangerous goods (ADR) and specialized refrigerated shipments. Each of these pillars is built on the extensive experience, knowledge, and professionalism of our logistics team. Organizing transport for cargoes requiring special attention is our opportunity to demonstrate how logistics, freight forwarding, and transportation services should be conducted. Our clients are always thoroughly informed about every stage of their cargo’s journey.

    Route Planning Before Order Acceptance

    Before we start executing the order, we present the entire transport plan to you. Once you approve our plan, we send you a confirmation and assign the transport to one of our carriers. Throughout your order’s processing, we are at your disposal to help with filling out all required documents, interpreting relevant regulations, and monitoring the entire transport process. Still considering? Let us show you the 7 steps to satisfying your order:

    Step 1 – Reach out to us. If you’re short on time and can’t provide details about what you need, just leave your number, and we’ll surely call you back.

    Step 2 – We pride ourselves on our rapid response to each inquiry from our valued clients. During the scheduled call, our logistics expert will assess your needs and quote the process.

    Step 3 – If you accept one of our solutions, we begin the order fulfillment procedure.

    Step 4 – Optimized solutions and smart ways out of various situations are our specialty. If you think that transporting your cargo will be expensive and not worth it, write to us. Together, we will find a solution that satisfies you.

    Step 5 – Our logistician selects the appropriate carrier from among our 4,000 subcontractors and sends them the order.

    Step 6 – You can always find out where your cargo is and whether everything is going according to plan. Thanks to our efficient information system, you won’t miss a thing.

    Step 7 – The cargo arrives at its destination on time. Timeliness and punctuality are very important to us, so we do not allow any delays! Thanks to our experienced logisticians, we can boast of many completed orders that seemed impossible at first glance.

    Trust V4L Poznań and discover that we are a professional logistics company! We successfully serve many businesses in Poznań and the surrounding areas. Want to join our group of unique and satisfied clients? Don’t hesitate and find out now what we can offer you!

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