International refrigerated transport

V4L is a company that has been in business for 15 years. We have already handled nearly 30,000 unique orders. Refrigerated transport requires a lot of experience and advanced service of reliable freight forwarders. We can offer you this.

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    Venture for Logistics

    Refrigerated transport is one of the most complex processes in the TSL industry. It's the transportation of all products that need a constant temperature. Trust the leaders in the market and see what we can offer you.

    Freight Forwarding

    International refrigerated transport

    Logistics Services

    We offer professional logistics and transportation services for cargoes that require a constant temperature below freezing. Our operations span the entire European Union.

    Highest Level of Service

    Years in the transport market have allowed us to develop a work system that excels even in the most challenging situations. Collaborating with thousands of carriers across Europe, we can guarantee top-notch service.


    Struggling with paperwork? Our staff are fluent in English, German, and Spanish. They are TSL (Transport, Shipping, and Logistics) professionals and specialists, always ready to find the best solutions for your business. They are up-to-date with the latest EU legislative requirements.

    Specialized Fleet

    The carriers we partner with have specialized vehicles equipped to transport products requiring specific temperatures.


    Delivery time is critical, especially for food products, where every minute counts. Hence, we ensure the punctuality of our carriers.

    Which Products Require Controlled Temperature Transport?

    • Pharmaceutical products: Medications and vitamins can alter their properties and become harmful if exposed to temperature changes.
    • Frozen goods: These cannot be allowed to thaw. A constant temperature below 0 degrees Celsius is essential; otherwise, the cargo is spoiled.
    • Fruits and vegetables: It’s important they arrive fresh, without any bruises or damages.
    • Flowers: These delicate plants require special care, the right temperature, proper arrangement, and constant humidity.
    • Food products: For example, dairy products must not be exposed to external factors to avoid spoilage.
    • Fish and seafood: It’s crucial to minimize odor and maintain freshness; proper temperature and packaging are sufficient for correct transport.
    • Cosmetics: Like medications, they can change their properties if exposed to inappropriate temperatures.
    • Waste: Here, the key is to eliminate unpleasant odors and ensure safe and hermetically sealed packaging of all waste.

    Our carriers continuously monitor the temperature of the cargo. They work with high-quality equipment that guarantees safe delivery to the destination.


    Our consultants know how different products should be transported and are eager to help you find the most optimal solution. Sometimes, combining two shipments into one can be beneficial.

    Partition Wall: By placing a partition wall between cargoes, it’s possible to create two spaces with different temperatures.

    There are also other types of transporting temperature-sensitive products:

    Double-Deck Refrigeration: This creates two levels of cargoes, doubling the space.
    Meat Hook Refrigeration: Where animal carcasses are hung, keeping the meat fresh for longer.
    Our employees, who are experts in their field, will help you choose the most suitable type of transport. They select solutions that save time and money. Therefore, it’s worth taking advantage of our assistance in organizing international refrigerated transport.

    Every order is equally important to us. We serve many companies that export and import a variety of products across Europe. We know how to handle products requiring temperature control. That’s why you can trust us.

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