International logistic services

V4L boasts 15 years of experience in the TSL (Transport, Shipping, and Logistics) industry. We provide international logistics services across the entire European Union. Our expertise includes organizing even the most complex logistical transports.

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    Venture for Logistics

    V4L is a company that will professionally manage the transportation of your cargo. We work with thousands of carriers throughout Europe. Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Sweden - we operate in many directions.

    Freight Forwarding

    International logistics services

    V4L always pays special attention to the quality and type of equipment our carriers use, ensuring we offer our clients the highest level of service.

    Tailoring Our Services to the Client

    You are our top priority – your satisfaction is our success. We are a company that adapts its offerings to meet client needs. We’re flexible and reliable. With 15 years of experience in the TSL industry, we’ve learned that no two assignments are the same. Each task is unique, and we approach every one with full commitment and passion.

    Professional Team

    Our expert logistics team will guide you through the entire order fulfillment process. From selecting and tailoring the best option to creating a supply chain strategy, we keep in constant contact with our carriers and keep you informed about the progress of the transportation process.

    Handling All Formalities!

    In international transport, it’s crucial that all transported goods are legally registered. Therefore, we’ll need a consignment note. When sending our cargo abroad, it must comply with the regulations of the destination country, or it might be returned to the sender.


    We always complete our orders on time and focus on efficient customer service. We keep in constant contact with you during the order to ensure timely information. Our clients know exactly what’s happening with their cargo at all times, and they highly appreciate this.

    Specialized Fleet

    Over 15 years, we’ve found many reliable and professional collaborators who expertly execute thousands of orders. Our vehicles undergo regular technical inspections to ensure they are always operational and safely deliver cargoes to their destinations.

    International Logistics Services

    We offer you professional logistics services including:

    Refrigerated Transport: Transporting products requiring a constant temperature below 0 degrees. This includes frozen food, meat, medicines, flowers, fish, seafood, and waste. In refrigerated transport, efficient equipment and punctual deliveries are crucial.

    ADR Transport: Transporting dangerous goods. These loads must not come into contact with external factors, as this could lead to explosions or ecological contamination.

    Transport of Oversized Loads: Requires special logistical knowledge and skills, as every kilometer of the route must be planned.

    Category III Goods Transport: Transporting waste and fertilizers. It’s important that the cargo complies with European law and that the required permits and special authorizations are obtained.

    V4L: A Professional Company

    We are not afraid of challenges and difficult orders. We take our work seriously and strive to continually develop and seek new, innovative solutions.

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