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Trust the experienced professionals at V4L – your experts in freight forwarding, logistics, and transportation in Gdynia. With 15 years of market experience, we possess unique knowledge and skills to offer tailored, efficient logistics solutions for your business.

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    Venture for Logistics

    Professional transportation services for businesses in Gdynia, capable of shipping cargo to any location in Europe.

    Freight Forwarding

    Professional service and guarantee of timeliness

    With us, you can organize efficient logistic and freight forwarding processes for your company.

    Need cargo transportation from Gdynia and unsure how to proceed? Leave it to the experts. For 15 years, we’ve collaborated with nearly 4,000 carriers across Europe. Our forwarders are professionals and passionate individuals committed to their work. This allows us to provide our clients with the highest standard of service. We enjoy challenges and tough cases. It’s doubly satisfying for us when we find the optimal solution for cargo that no one else wanted to undertake.

    Our motto is timeliness and professionalism! We always stick to the plan, resolving any uncertainties promptly. From the outset, we establish all details with a professional forwarder. Then, our ‘transport guardian’ prepares an offer tailored to your requirements. You remain in constant contact with the forwarder, who will inform you where and when your cargo is. Having handled over 30,000 orders, we approach each one with equal dedication. We continuously strive to develop and train, keeping up with new regulations. This enables us to offer our clients the most optimal solutions.

    We are a company that respects our clients’ time. We understand the difficulty of balancing business management with logistics. The largest companies have their logistics departments and fleets. Our clients save time and maintenance costs by entrusting us with all logistics matters, allowing them to focus on developing their business in other sectors, worry-free about transport issues. Our indispensable employees, who continually enhance their skills through numerous courses, are the key to success. Our staff is qualified in every transport sector, allowing for the selection of the best solutions. Oversized, refrigerated, or dangerous ADR transports often require additional permits and documents. With us, you need not worry. We’ll handle all formalities and ensure the transport reaches its destination. Don’t hesitate, write to us, and we’ll provide an estimate for your order.

    Gdynia is intersected by two voivodeship roads and three national roads. It’s an excellent ‘departure point’ due to the ferry crossing availability. From Gdynia, it’s easy to reach countries on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Do you have a business in Gdynia or plan to establish one here? Trust an experienced freight forwarding company and save time.

    For our special clients in Gdynia, we offer:

    Freight Forwarding Gdynia

    V4L provides freight forwarding services for many companies in Gdynia and the Pomeranian Voivodeship. We approach each client individually, striving to optimize costs and transportation time as much as possible. We’ll handle all formalities for you, show you a sample route, and advise on the best mode of transport for your cargo. We also offer assistance after accepting the order, maintaining constant contact with our exceptional clients. Curious about the cost of transporting cargo from Gdynia to a chosen location in Poland and Europe? Write to us!

    Transport Gdynia

    We offer goods transportation from Gdynia and the entire Pomeranian Voivodeship. We specialize in challenging tasks that require comprehensive service. We’ll organize the transport of bulk materials or oversized cargoes, which is often problematic and deemed impossible by some. Our experienced employees have repeatedly surprised clients with their innovative and creative solutions.

    International Transport from Gdynia

    V4L will also plan your international transport. Do you have a business in Gdynia and need to send cargo to Italy, Germany, Spain, or any country in Europe? Trust experienced professionals who will help you choose the most optimal option and handle all formalities for you, in any language. Don’t delay, write today for a special estimate for your order!

    Refrigerated Transport Gdynia

    Fruits, vegetables, medicines, or animal products can pose many challenges, from the temperature inside the vehicle to issues related to product freshness, to delivering the cargo without any delays. For us, nothing is a problem; we’ve handled over 30,000 unique orders, and yours could be next. Trust the specialists in this field, who know exactly what refrigerated transport needs. Are you from Gdynia or the surrounding area? Write to us and ask about our offer.

    Specialized and ADR Transport Gdynia

    Dangerous and specialized cargoes are quite a difficult topic for inexperienced forwarders. That’s why our specialized department handles these types of transports. They regularly undergo training on explosive loads or those dangerous to the environment, allowing us to offer you the best, safe solutions for the carrier and the environment. Specialized transport involves a series of documents to fill out, which we can help with or even do for you.

    Logistics Gdynia

    From the first contact, our employees carefully and thoroughly determine what the client needs. Based on this, they create an offer perfectly suited to the transport of the cargo. We know how important good transport planning is, which then leads to a quick and trouble-free order fulfillment. Has a company refused your order? Unsure how to send a shipment from Gdynia? Write to us; we’re more than happy to help.

    Interested in our offer? Have any questions? Write to us, and we’ll quickly estimate your order.

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