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    V4L is your professional and reliable freight forwarder. We invite companies that value timely deliveries, safety, and optimal pricing to collaborate with us.
    Our extensive experience and the certainty with which we execute every task allow you to manage your shipments and goods with peace of mind.

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    From selecting the most beneficial solutions and organizing carriers to the efficient and effective execution of the freight forwarding service, we always act in the interest of our client. Wrocław is one of the cities where we collaborate with numerous carriers, accepting orders from the entire Lower Silesian Voivodeship to any European city. We adhere to all legal regulations and the guidelines set forth in the General Polish Freight Forwarding Conditions (OPWS).

    Transportation of Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Oversized Cargo in Wrocław

    LTL cargoes such as food products, fruits, and vegetables require a specific temperature during transport to maintain their freshness for as long as possible. The relocation of documents containing personal data must comply with applicable regulations. Meanwhile, oversized cargoes like large automotive parts, machinery, or hazardous chemical substances all require appropriate transportation means and carriers. That’s why at V4L, we collaborate with thousands of carriers who boast a modern and efficient fleet. Delivery vans, trucks, curtain-siders, tankers, and refrigerated vehicles are all technically inspected and have up-to-date examinations. Thanks to our years of experience, we can swiftly and suitably tailor our offer and organize the transport of LTL and oversized cargoes from Wrocław and the entire Silesian Voivodeship, especially cities within the Wrocław agglomeration.

    V4L – Transparent Terms of Cooperation

    We offer you personalized customer service and a clear and transparent cooperation agreement. Before starting the order, we provide you with the most favorable solutions, select the appropriate transportation means, and create a contract based on your guidelines. The contract is clear and transparent, guaranteeing you a satisfactory collaboration. The supply chain is a crucial pillar in every enterprise. Hence, we comprehensively handle transportation organization, and thanks to our long-term cooperation with trusted carriers, we can improve the profitability and efficiency of your company.

    Optimal Solutions at an Attractive Price

    We always optimize solutions that are crucial during the organization of the supply chain. Therefore, we can offer our comprehensive services at an attractive price. Wrocław, located in the heart of Europe, is one of the most strategic logistic points on the continent. We offer you our professional freight forwarding services in Wrocław and its surroundings. Interested in our offer? We would be grateful for the opportunity to present a customized proposal for organizing the entire supply chain as well as the transportation of LTL cargoes, oversized cargoes, and specialized loads.

    Wrocław connects the Wrocław agglomeration, comprising nearby towns that contribute to Wrocław’s economic development. Therefore, it’s an excellent strategic point for locating a warehouse or production hall and transporting goods to cities across Europe.

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