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With over 15 years of experience in the TSL industry, our team comprises seasoned freight forwarders knowledgeable in international markets.

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    Alicja Węglewska +48 607 900 577

    Ewelina Rutkowska +48 607 900 576

    Venture for Logistics

    We provide professional freight forwarding services in the Polish and European transport markets. We invite you to contact our team.

    Freight Forwarding

    Freight Services – V4L Gdansk

    Freight forwarding involves the transportation of goods and the organization of their shipment. Its efficient operation is crucial for the safe and smooth delivery of parcels to the chosen destination.

    In freight forwarding, punctuality and reliability are paramount. Fortunately, by selecting the appropriate means of transport and cooperating with experienced carriers, our operations can meet these requirements.

    In addition to international transport, our company also manages domestic transport, operating on roads across Poland to ensure efficient transport in every region. With years of experience, V4L guarantees quality, as evidenced by our strong position in the national market. In Gdańsk, our company offers a wide range of freight services, including:

    • Safe storage of documents related to the shipment,
    • Insurance for the shipment,
    • Trouble-free unloading,
    • Transport contracts,
    • Advice to help you make decisions related to freight processes,
    • Fleet selection,
    • Transport documentation,
    • Possible customs clearance,
    • Prompt collection of the shipment from the sender, its storage, and safe delivery to the recipient at the previously indicated location.

    Thanks to our comprehensive services, we ensure a personalized approach to each client and a dialogue focused on efficient communication. We strive to offer the most advantageous and satisfying pricing options.

    Throughout the transport process, we keep our clients informed. The route’s progress is no secret, and we’re happy to share our knowledge, enabling you to easily track the location of your shipment and estimate its delivery time. In case of unexpected complications, we promptly inform and quickly implement alternative solutions.

    We are open to new challenges and commit fully to every assignment. Our flexible methods allow us to easily collaborate and continuously strive for improvement. We welcome you to contact us directly; we’re eager to answer all your questions and address any concerns.

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