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Looking for a trusted freight forwarding company? We serve numerous companies across the country, including those in Białystok.

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    Venture for Logistics

    Professional transportation services provided for businesses in Białystok, with the ability to transport cargo to any location in Europe.

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    Professional logistics solutions

    With us, you can organize optimized transport.

    V4L has been successfully handling comprehensive transport organization for 15 years. Are you seeking a trusted transportation company from Białystok? Don’t hesitate to explore our offer. We collaborate with over 3700 carriers across Europe. Our employees’ experience allows for the analysis and selection of the most optimal solution. They are specialists who perform their work with passion. Professional customer service and punctuality are our priorities. Throughout the order, our clients maintain excellent contact with the forwarder, ensuring they always know where and when their cargo is.

    Has another company turned down your request? Write to us. We specialize in tasks that seem impossible at first glance. We handle the transport of oversized, dangerous, and refrigerated cargoes. First, our employee will conduct a detailed interview with you. Then, they will prepare an offer specifically for you. Afterward, all that’s left is to send the order to one of our carriers. Finally, our employee remains in constant contact with you and our driver, relieving you of any stress about whether the cargo will arrive on time.

    V4L epitomizes professionalism through and through. We’ve already handled over 30,000 orders. Each one was just as important and unique to us. We give 101 percent to every order, ensuring our exceptional clients are always satisfied with our cooperation. We offer the highest standard of service, which is why we continuously work on developing and training our employees. We always aim to stay ahead, introducing new technologies. This has led many clients to return to us, some of whom we have been working with for many years. We’ve created a kind of freight forwarding family that supports each other in various situations. Looking for a trusted transport partner? Only V4L.

    Białystok boasts the largest transportation hub in northeastern Poland. An international European route passes through here, from Helsinki through Konovo to Warsaw, and then to Prague. Numerous national and voivodeship roads allow for the quick transportation of cargo, making Białystok an ideal location for opening a production hall or other investment. Let professionals handle the transport, freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.

    For our special clients in Białystok, we offer:

    Freight Forwarding Białystok

    Our forwarders are an experienced team that regularly attends training and symposiums on transport to guarantee our clients comprehensive service at the highest level. Every order is unique to us, so we don’t have standard offers! We prepare each one individually, allowing for maximum cost optimization. Let our specialists propose something for you! Write now, and we will estimate the transport of your cargo for free.

    Transport Białystok

    We offer cargo transport from Białystok and the entire Podlaskie Voivodeship. Difficult cargoes are our specialty. Transporting cars, machinery, or bulk products can be a big challenge. Oversized goods or very small cargoes that need to be combined into one transport – it’s a piece of cake for us! Write to us, and our employees will propose an offer tailored specifically for you. They will first analyze your needs and then estimate the entire process.

    International Transport from Białystok

    Nearly four thousand carriers in every corner of Europe, over 30,000 completed orders – that’s V4L. Our 15 years of experience allow us to prepare the best transport offers for you across Europe. Our professional forwarders will take care of all formalities for you, no matter the language. We are prepared for any eventuality and do not allow any surprises in our work.

    Refrigerated Transport Białystok

    Transporting food products, medical articles, or flowers requires special attention due to the need for a specific temperature inside the vehicle. Our company continuously monitors and checks their condition to meet even the most stringent requirements. The freshness of products depends on whether the entire transport will be properly planned. Our experienced employees always consider every possible scenario and strive to find solutions that will prevent potential problems.

    Specialized and ADR Transport Białystok

    Transporting hazardous materials requires not only formalities but also specialized permits from the carrier. Our company continuously monitors our carriers. Before cooperation, they undergo a special detailed verification. Therefore, we can guarantee our clients safety and quick order execution. Our team includes specialists in ADR transport who have been organizing transports with satisfying results for years. See for yourself and write to us for a quick estimate.

    Logistics Białystok

    Our employees approach each client individually, allowing for precise determination of the needs of each order. Every order is different and requires different solutions. Therefore, a so-called transport guardian takes care of you right away. They will listen to your expectations, then prepare an offer, and after choosing the best option, instruct the carrier to pick up the cargo at any location in Białystok and transport it to the chosen destination in Poland or Europe. The guardian remains in constant contact with you, so you always know where your cargo is at any given moment.

    Interested in our offer? Have any questions? Write to us, and we’ll quickly estimate your order.

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