Specialization in Transportation of Category 3 Goods.

Specialization in Transportation of Category 3 Goods.

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We know how to reduce CAT 3. transportation costs while taking care of the environment.

V4L is a company specializing in the transportation of Category 3 animal-origin goods. The company ensures fast and secure transport through specialized, dedicated means of transportation. The reliable execution of transportation services is based on a network of trusted carriers with appropriate certifications and modern fleet. Each vehicle comes with complete transport documentation, ensuring professional transportation services. Alongside Logistics, Freight Forwarding, and Transportation, the transportation of Category 3 animal-origin goods is one of the four main branches of V4L’s business.

The company has extensive experience in transportation, including the carriage of Category 3 waste. Our longstanding practice enables us to provide transportation services at the highest level, fully meet customer expectations, ensure the safety of offered transportation services for Category 3 animal-origin goods, and take care of the environment in the most appropriate manner.

V4L Specialization

Our main area of expertise is the professional transportation of Category III animal-origin goods. Through collaboration with trusted carriers and utilizing modern, specially adapted fleet, we ensure that each shipment is executed swiftly, efficiently, and in accordance with the highest safety standards. We have a diverse range of vehicles, including refrigerated trucks, flatbeds, silos, tippers, tankers, and containers, allowing flexible adaptation to the specific transportation requirements of each order.

Why Choose V4L?

  • Experience and Knowledge: Our extensive industry experience allows us to handle even the most complex orders.
  • Client Adaptation: Individual approach to each order and the ability to tailor services to the specific needs of clients.
  • Safety and Compliance: Strict adherence to health and safety regulations provides peace of mind for our clients.

V4L’s Commitment to Environmental Protection

At V4L, we deeply understand that responsible transportation of Category III animal-origin goods comes with significant environmental responsibilities. In the face of global challenges related to climate change and environmental protection, our actions are consistently focused on minimizing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainable development. Our vehicle fleet is regularly upgraded to meet the highest emission standards, and advanced logistics management systems allow for route optimization and reduction of unnecessary fuel consumption.

Waste of animal origin, category III, such as blood, wool, skins, fur, shells, crustacean shells, hatchery by-products, catering waste, aquatic animals and their parts, animal fat tissue, is classified as category III waste. The transportation of these wastes requires specialized, dedicated means of transportation that ensure safety and speed of delivery. It is essential to take care of the natural environment in the process of transporting and processing category III waste. These wastes can be reused, for example, in the production of fertilizers and feed for fur-bearing animals and domestic animals. Another method of processing Category III materials is composting or converting them into biogas.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us:

Agnieszka Filip, Business Development Manager, V4L

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