Carriage of oversize goods Poland

Specialist transport of oversize goods

Carriage of oversize goods Poland

The carriage of oversize cargo, also known as oversized cargo, is a complex process that requires a special work organization from the forwarder. Transportation of such a cargo is generally associated with the need to obtain the necessary permits and requires the carrier to meet many additional criteria regulated by law.

During planning of oversize transport, equipment and architecture must be adapted to the conditions provided for in the legal provisions of a specific country. Polish norms assume that the total weight of transport and vehicle taking part in the transport may not exceed 42 tonnes in total, and the permissible load width is 2.5 m. The maximum length of a tractor unit with trailer is a maximum of 16.5 meters, and the permissible height is 4 m.

During transport of oversized cargo, we use vehicles which not only signal such transport to other road users, but also provide protection during a possible collision. We distinguish the following classes of oversize cargo:

The quotation of oversize cargo is very complicated, as it assumes not only the calculation of distances, but above all in which countries the transport is to take place. Each entity involved in the implementation of such transport must meet certain conditions and have appropriate permits. One of the most important factors in such transport is security, which is why we decide to cooperate only with entities that have an impeccable reputation in the industry.

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