Specialist transport Poland

Professional and safe transport of special loads

Specialist transport Poland

To meet even the most difficult requirements posed by our clients, we undertake tasks related to the specialized transport. This service is carried out in a cooperation with companies with appropriate equipment and with the necessary qualifications. Our team is responsible for choosing the right mode of transport and planning the details of the route. We guarantee transport of cargo in accordance with applicable regulations on road safety and obtaining the necessary permits.

You can find more information about specialized transport in the following sections devoted to specific issues in this field.

Animal-by products cat. III

We provide fast and safe transport of animal-by products category III goods, thanks to specialized, dedicated means of transport.

Carriage of oversize goods

The carriage of oversize cargo, also known as oversized cargo, is a complex process that requires a special work organization from the forwarder.

Specialist transport – dangerous goods ADR

The transport of dangerous goods ADR is a subject to a number of formal and legal provisions.

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