Refrigerated transport Poland

Carriage of the goods in a controlled temperature

Refrigerated transport Poland

Carriage of the refrigerated cargo is one of the most complicated services in the logistics industry. Depending on the type of product and its characteristic features, it is not only the choice of the appropriate means of transport that is important in this task, but also the determination of the appropriate route on which the transport will take place. The duration of such travel and its additional security may also be of importance.

The most frequently transported goods under refrigerated transport are:

The basis for ensuring safe and timely refrigerated transport is a modern fleet equipped with semi- trailers adapted to transport goods at a reduced temperature. Our company is able to offer you transport with constant temperature control inside the semi-trailer. If you plan to transport goods requiring a certain temperature at each stage of transport, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service Office. Our specialists, based on the presented criteria, will prepare an individual offer of refrigerated transport for you.

At the customer’s request, we can offer refrigerated transport with a bulkhead wall which let to carriage two types of cargo with a different temperature at the same time. Depending on the individual needs of the client, we are able to offer you transport with a semi-trailer with a movable wall, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the surface of both chambers.

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