Domestic and international forwarding Poland

Reliability and timeliness of handling

Domestic and international forwarding Poland

Are you looking for professional service? Do you have goods to transport?

Our experienced team will organize transport of goods tailored to your individual requirements and needs.

V4L is a guarantee of reliability and timeliness of handling in forwarding tasks. In carrying out domestic and international transport, we pay particular attention to the appropriate choice of means of transport, and also choose the most cost-effective option for the customer. Our employees are able to accept your order in an electronic form as well as after arranging details by the telephone. We provide our clients full access to the information at every stage of the carriage. Because of us, you are able to control where the shipment is currently located as well as obtain information on the route.

As part of the forwarding offer, we guarantee:
Constant development of the transport industry and the gradual blearing of the border between domestic and international transport within the Schengen area is the reason why our specialists are constantly develop of their competences, participating in various symposia and training devoted to the TSL industry.

International forwarding is a process requiring professional knowledge and professionalism from the team. In addition to the planning and organization of the transport itself, the forwarder must take care of many formal and legal issues such as the preparation of the necessary transport documentation, as well as the conclusion of the contract of carriage. Therefore, very often the whole freight team is involved in the process.

Being aware of the dynamic nature of the transport process our employees remain in constant contact with the carrier. Thanks to this, if any complications occur on the route, we are able to find an alternative solution at the same time limiting the risk of the failure.

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