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A professional coordination of transportation services in Warsaw. We work for companies around Europe. The best solutions in Logistics. Put your trust in our know-how.

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Professional transport services for companies in Warsaw. You can send your shipment to any place in Europe.
Delivery of a shipment everywhere around Europe

Forwarding Warsaw
Delivery to the countries of the EU
Forwarding and storage services

We specialize in the implementation of forwarding solutions, regardless of the shipment type and the destination. We offer both domestic and international transport services. We have rich experience in providing transport services which allows us to plan shipment of goods effectively, as well as optimize our services for the requirements of our customers’ and the size of a good. We adjust our methods to every single order, ensuring timely deliveries and intact condition of goods. This proves that our company is a reliable business partner.

Transport services are not limited to transporting a shipment to the planned destination – there is a number of steps that a professional forwarder must take, before carrying out the delivery process. Proper placement of goods, its effective protection and a proper selection of the transportation method are the most important requirements that our forwarders meet at the highest level. We take care of the goods entrusted to us and always deliver them intact to the place designated by the customer and at the time he desires. We make you aware of legal regulations and transport regulations that are in force in a given country, when carrying out our services for you at the international level. We are constantly improving the competences of our staff who has constant access to current legal documents in various countries we operate in.

You will also find refrigerated transport services and specialist services in our offer – we know how to choose the right means of transport and how to plan the route so that the freightage reaches the destination safely and on time even in the most complicated cases. Transportation of frozen items requires special care to maintain the optimal temperature in refrigerated trailers – we have access to modern vehicles equipped with cutting-edge temperature tracking and control systems so that it is optimized for the transported goods.

A professional forwarder is not afraid of challenges, which is why we always accept every task we receive from our clients, no matter how complicated may be. One of our specialties is the transport of oversized and bulky cargo and transport of hazardous materials.

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